Exit Management is important because it offers a deeper look at your Workplace Culture, Day-to-Day Processes, Management Solutions, and Employee Morale

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Whenever an employee resigns or terminated from his/her services, there are many processes that an organization needs to make in order to effectively end the relationship between the company and the employee. This process is known as Exit Management. HRTailor has an expertise in providing all these services. Exit processes are one of the important decisions an organization has to make and we at HRTailor are here to help you with such sensitive issues.

There are number of activity in Exit Management process such as Notification to all department heads, Full and final settlement, Assigned assets tracking, Department wise approval for the exit process, Pending dues status, Full and final settlement report, Exit interview. HRTailor has an expert team who looks after all these processes in the exit plan. We have the best resources which helps us in carrying out these processes. During exit interview, as HRTailor has no history with the exiting employee they may feel more comfortable expressing concerns to us rather than to a direct supervisor or HR staff.

Advantages With HRTailor

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HRTailor will give you a dedicated online HR Manager just for you & your company.

Organizational Growth

HRTailor will help you increasing in organizational growth.

Time Saving

HRTailor will save your precious time so that you can focus on core activity.

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HRTailor will give you the security of AWS. No need to worry about data security.

Exit Management


  • When an employee is leaving an organization, they can feel free to answer the questions about their basic concerns at the workplace.
  • The questions are like: Why do you want to quit? Were you able to communicate well with your manager? What  can we improve in this organization, etc.
  • The answers to these questions help us recognize the actual concerns of the employee.
  • We also help you understand if there’s any pattern for employee resignation.


  • Sometimes, regular employee surveys cannot give you accurate insights about your organization & mostly because the answers are biased based on the fact that employees still belong to your organization.
  • With HRTailor’s exit interviews an ex employee can answer every question without lying.
  • With these important information we can help you to improve your organisation.
Work Culture


  • Exit interviews help you maintain a positive workplace culture because when you treat the employees who are leaving the organization with respect and gratitude during exit interviews, it makes the existing employees feel positive about their workplace.
  • The employees knows that the the organisation is listening to them.
  • When they know they are being listened they work more positively & they starts to support their organisation more.