One Easy Way to put an End to Expense Fraud is by
HRTailor Expense Management Process.

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Say no more to old school paper receipts and spreadsheets when you can automate manual processes and replace the legacy system with ease and precision by joining with HRTailor. We make business decisions based on actual facts and manage business expenses seamlessly with HRTailor expense management system.

Expense Reimbursement streamlines all expense claims applied by the employees. Our Expense Management includes easy submission of Expense Reports, Compliance of Travel Policy, Verification of Expense Claimed, Processing of Reimbursement in Payroll, and safekeeping of Receipts in Unified Cloud Storage.

Expenses tracking and reimbursement made easy for your organization by providing you;

Easy Receipt capture: Receipts can easily be captured using HRTailor expenses claim management system or uploaded from Web application.

Expense Policies: Enforce spending limits and rules on expense types in your organization based on their roles and divisions.

Expense Approvals: Your employees can submit all expenses in batches and managers can approve them for reimbursement

Per Diem: Pay your employees a per Diem payment based on the number of days on an assignment.

Mileage: Mileage rates can be setup with various rates for 2 or 4 wheelers and expenses tracked on mileage limits

Cost Centers: Expenses can be attributed to designated cost centers and reports made available for accounting purposes

Claim and track expenses: An employee can easily group expense receipts into a batch and make an expense claim. He can then track status of his submission all the way till reimbursement.

Capture receipts on Mobile Phone: HRTailor expenses claim management system can easily be used to scan your receipt documents and uploaded as expense claims saving your time from tedious paper work.

Advantages With HRTailor

Online HR Manager

HRTailor will give you a dedicated online HR Manager just for you & your company.

Organizational Growth

HRTailor will help you increasing in organizational growth.

Time Saving

HRTailor will save your precious time so that you can focus on core activity.

Security Of AWS

HRTailor will give you the security of AWS. No need to worry about data security.


  • Automation removes the need for paperwork.
  • With HRTailor expense management system your employees can capture the receipts using their mobile phones and upload them directly to our HRTailor Portal.
  • After they upload their expenses the manager can simply approve or reject their expenses.


  • You can customize HRTailor expense management system in accordance with your firm’s travel policies.
  • Our system is programmed to automatically detect and flag expenses that violate your travel policy.
  • The managers / approvers would be notified of the policy violations as they occur.
Expense Claim Management


  • The easy way to put an end to expense fraud is by HRTailor expense management processes.
  • We can pick up duplicate entries where the same expense is submitted twice & and send a mail to the submitter to either merge or delete the expense
  • You can maximize transparency by enabling a double review process – so there’s at least one additional review after the immediate approver’s review before reimbursing the expenses.